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Our Mission

What is the purpose of this club?

The purpose of the club is to create a collaborative learning environment for those with an understanding of blockchain fundamentals and those who have no background but have an interest to learn more about this rapidly growing field. Since prior knowledge is not required, we will begin with teaching the fundamentals of blockchain and cryptography and eventually evolve into focusing on technical and complex applications.


Participants will also learn about the use cases of blockchain including

  • DeFi

  • social tokens

  • tokenomics

  • gaming/metaverse

  • DAOs (decentralized autonomous organizations)

  • NFTs

We will also explore the basic fundamentals of programming languages such as Solidity and Rust. The club also aims to introduce members to the people of Web3 who are active builders, projects that they are working on, and how the field of blockchain is evolving. This will provide members with a better understanding of the current landscape and potential career opportunities in the space.

What is the benefit of this club?

Blockchain is becoming more and more pervasive in many aspects of our society–from financial services to the creator economy. It will continue to revolutionize technology, social media, finance, and many other industries as it allows for fast and safe communication and transactions without the involvement of intermediaries. This club will provide several benefits to its participants across three areas: education, access and hands-on learning.


First, club members will learn the essential elements of the blockchain space. Club participants will be able to define and understand terms such as blockchain, hard wallets, stablecoins, NFTs, DeFi, Web3, and DAOs.


Currently, it is difficult to get training in Solidity and Rust, the building block languages predominantly used in this space. Most developers are self taught or take a cohort based class. As a club, we will explore and learn these languages together.


Club members will also gain access to experts around the world who will speak about various blockchain topics.

What makes this activity unique?

Although Bitcoin is a pioneer in the field of cryptocurrency, there is a lot more to blockchain technology. Currently, there is no club at Stuyvesant High School with the mission to educate interested students about the broader field of blockchain, Web3, and its many applications including DeFi, social tokens, NFTs, and DAOs. As a STEM focused school, Stuyvesant High School should provide the opportunity for students to learn about technology that is rapidly changing the future.

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