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Case Study: DTCC Makes a Bold Move into Blockchain with Securrency Acquisition

Last week, DTCC, a major financial market infrastructure firm, announced its acquisition of Securrency, a blockchain-based technology developer, as part of its digital assets expansion strategy.

DTCC is responsible for clearing U.S. stock market transactions and handled a staggering $2,500 trillion securities transactions in 2022. Securrency offers institutions a blockchain-based regulatory technology that works alongside DTCC's current systems, allowing for the adoption of digital assets while remaining in compliance with regulations. Tokenization refers to transferring traditional assets, such as private equity, credit, and real estate, onto blockchain platforms, resulting in more efficient operations and lower transaction costs. According to a report by digital asset manager, the market for tokenized assets has the potential to grow significantly, reaching between $3.5 trillion and $10 trillion by 2030.

The acquisition is expected to help DTCC facilitate the end-to-end digital processing of tokenized assets and enhance settlement times, regulatory oversight, and investor experience. This acquisition signals the growing interest in tokenization within the financial industry.



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