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Crowdfunding Solar Solutions: Sun Exchange Empowers Investors to in Sub-Saharan Africa

Updated: Oct 18, 2023

By Jaya Bijoor

Sun Exchange, a South African venture-backed company that started in 2015, is a blockchain-based platform that allows multiple investors to crowdfund solar assets in Sub-Saharan Africa. Traditional solar projects often need help obtaining financing due to high upfront costs and limited access to capital. However, Sun Exchange addresses these hurdles by collectively enabling multiple investors to own solar assets through crowdfunding.

Through Sun Exchange, investors can browse and select solar projects listed on the platform. These projects can be located in various areas, such as schools, hospitals, commercial

buildings, or rural communities, promoting sustainable energy solutions across different sectors. Each solar project is divided into small units called solar cells, which are made available for purchase by investors. These solar cells represent a proportional share of the solar project and its associated revenue. Investors can use cryptocurrencies, such as Bitcoin or Ethereum, to purchase solar cells on the platform. This simplifies international transactions and eliminates the need for complex currency conversions. Additionally, the blockchain ensures secure and tamperproof record keeping of all trades, providing transparency and accountability to all participants.

Once the solar cells are purchased, the revenue generated from the solar project, such as electricity sales or government subsidies, is distributed proportionally among the investors

based on their share of solar cells. This revenue is typically paid out in cryptocurrencies, allowing investors to easily manage and reinvest their earnings.

Sun Exchange also introduces an exciting “Solar Impact” concept to incentivize investors. Solar Impact is a digital token representing the solar project’s positive environmental impact.

By holding Solar Impact tokens, investors become stakeholders in the overall ecological benefits and can further trade or redeem these tokens.

Since its inception, Sun Exchange has facilitated the implementation of solar power for eighty businesses, farms, schools, and other organizations in Southern Africa. These solar projects have generated over 19 gigawatt-hours of clean energy, avoiding over 19,000 tons of carbon emissions. The Sun Exchange platform attracts funders from 180 countries globally, including individuals and businesses purchasing and possessing solar cells.



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